Vertical Garden
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Vertical Garden

written by Worx
Many of your efforts to plant things in the ground have been thwarted?
This is a great project for anyone who wants to enjoy just a little bit more greenery.  
Have a great time creating your vertical garden!


- Three sturdy, woven baskets in similar or equal sizes in a rectangular shape. Remember you're going to need them deep enough to plant something. 
- 1-2 small bags of potting soil, herbs and flowers. 
- Scissors.
-  2 screws 
- Our 20v cordless Drill & Driver

Let’s start your creation:

1. Arrange your plants in your baskets to make sure they'll fit. Take into consideration how tall your tallest plant might get and use that to evenly space your baskets. 
3. Cut your rope so that it's long enough to double up on each side and then add another one meter.
4. Thread one end of your rope through the front corner of the top basket and pull through making sure to leave about 10 cm above for hanging. Tie a double-knot and then thread it through the front corner of the second basket. Be sure to keep your baskets evenly spaced as you're threading and knotting. You might want to use chalk to outline where they should go. Repeat as you go back up the back corners of each basket. Repeat on the other side checking to make sure both sides are even. 
5. Hang your basket to be sure it is even. Make adjustments. 
6. Take plants out and fill your baskets with potting soil and plant your plants. 
7. Place the screws in the wall with our 20v cordless Drill & Driver and hang your vertical garden.

Vertical Garden Vertical Garden Vertical Garden

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