The Stacked Lamp
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The Stacked Lamp

written by Worx
This stacked lamp we found online is amazing and  really easy to make.
First thing to do is to design paper templates (see the pic below) for the basic wood shapes.
You will need around 20-25 shapes of different sizes.  
The second step is to glue the shapes on the wood. Now you can cut the wood with a jigsaw (look at our set of saws) and then sand the edges carefully.
Get a clear plastic tube and sand it with a fine grift sandpaper to give the diffuse glow.
For the last and final step, attach an electrical cord with switch to underside of circularbase, fit on top the tube and stack the pieces of wood to create your stacked lamp!      
The Stacked Lamp The Stacked Lamp The Stacked Lamp The Stacked Lamp The Stacked Lamp

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