Old sweater have never been so useful!
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Old sweater have never been so useful!

written by Worx
Clearing your closet is always a good idea, we get how liberating it is to get rid of bulky old clothes we no longer use. However, throwing them away isn't the only option...how about recycling?
As the season gets colder  you can stay warm and cozy by reusing all your  knits in a different way from their original purpose. These ideas will give you some inspiration on how to turn your home into a fuzzy winter paradise!

Slipper boots
Keep your feet nice and toasty, even when you're hanging around the house. 

Candle covers
Jazz up your candle glasses with a warm and wintery cover. 

Lamp shade
Turn your home into a cozy winter retreat. 

Keep your warm drinks warmer even when you're watching the leaves change on a crisp, fall day 

Sweater pillow
You'll definitely want a nice nap when you're done. 

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