Make your own Hammock
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Make your own Hammock

written by Worx
A hammock is the best way to relax in your garden! Don’t waste time and build your diy hammock for you and your family. Discover how simple it is to make it, just follow our tips!

What you need:
●    A piece of fabric roughly of 2 meters long and at least 60 cm large.
●    Cord of 1 meter for each side.
●    A drill driver
●    Nails

Let’s begin!

Step 1
Fold over one of the shorter end of your fabric to make a 4 cm hem.  

Step 2
Gather the fabric from both sides around the hem using your hand.

Step 3
Tie a knot with a cord, leaving a 2cm tail.  Wrap the cord around the fabric and thread the end of the cord through the loop. Cinch the loop down and wrap the cord tightly around the hammock 3 or 4 times.
Step 4
Tie the two ends of the cord together using your favorite knot and thread the webbing.

Step 5
The last step is to hang your Hammock on a tree!  Use our drill driver ( and some nails to be sure that it won't fall down.

Now you just have to relax on your hammock and have a great day, hopefully under the sun!

Make your own Hammock Make your own Hammock Make your own Hammock Make your own Hammock Make your own Hammock

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