How to make a wooden doormat
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How to make a wooden doormat

written by Worx
It’s so delightful to have an original doormat at your front door that gives a warm welcome to anyone who steps inside.
It’s easy and fun to build! Here are the few steps to follow.

- 8 - 90cm x 5cm x 5cm Square End Balusters
- 1 Natural Sisal Rope
- Wood Stain (Brown and Colored)
- Paintbrush

- Circular Saw (WorxSaw compact circular saw)
- Drill (SwitchDriver 2-in-1 Drill &Driver)
- Box Cutter
- Measuring tape
- Pencil
- Sanding block
- Painters Tape
- Gloves
- Safety Goggles

Here are the steps to make your doormat:

1. Measure the wood using tape and pencil in half then cut it. You can use our Worxsaw ( ). You will end up with 45 cm balusters.

2. Using the drill (, drill holes at both ends of all 45cm long sections at 2cm from the end.

3. Send the rough edges of the cut.

4. Stain all of your 45cm pieces

5. Tape off each balusters creating as you want. You can follow this nice geometry in the picture. 

6. As a last step, tie a knot at the end of one of the 2m long rope pieces. Thread the other end of the rope through the hole one end of the baluster sections and tie another knot. Continue threading the rope through the holes. Tie a knot at the end of the rope when you get to the end.
And there you go! You have your very own wooden doormat!  Enjoy!

How to make a wooden doormat How to make a wooden doormat How to make a wooden doormat

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