How To Make a Wine Cork Heart
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How To Make a Wine Cork Heart

written by Worx
 Any brilliant ideas for St. Valentine’s Day? How about surprising your love one with a hand-made heart made out of wine cork? It’s a simple work of art that requires some patience, little effort, and a lot of love (and wine)! 

What you need to get started with your romantic project: 

- Glue Gun
- Glue Sticks
- Twine
- Foam Core or Cardboard
- Gold or Brown Marker
- Wine Corks

Follow these 8 steps:

1) Collect lots and lots of wine corks and separate them by color.
2) Use a foam core or a cardboard as your base, then trace an outline of the heart.
3) Cut out the heart with a sharp knife.
4) Glue the corks together one by one (from darkest to lightest color) on your board.
5) Use twine and hot glue to wrap the shape of the heart. You will have to flip the heart over to do so.
6) Color any white spaces with a gold or brown marker.
7) Last but not least, pin it to the wall! A useful and easy tool that we recommend is the 4V Max Lithium Cordless XTD Xtended Reach Driver ( 
8) You are finally done!

There you have it. A simple gift made with love for your other half to have on this special day!

How To Make a Wine Cork Heart

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