How to create a “Love shelf”
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How to create a “Love shelf”

written by Worx
Express your feeling with a beautiful shelf for your home! Build it with us. Here is what you need:

8 Cuts length 30cm, width 14cm, depth 4cm 
 1 Cut  length 60cm, width 14cm, depth 4cm 
 1 Cut  length 40cm, width 14cm, depth 4cm
 1 Cut  length 20cm, width 14cm, depth 4cm 
26 Screws 
Circular saw
Wood glue
Buy boards of untreated wood and cut 11 pieces according to the measures listed above and in the following picture. 

All cuts are straight except for the V. The two pieces of the V need to be cut at a suggested angle of 22 degrees.  You can use our circular saws (link to circular saws) Now, drill holes in the pieces (link to the SD) and using glue and screws connect each piece to form the letters. When you have finished, you can paint and decorate your new shelf!  

How to create a “Love shelf”

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