How to create a cutlery holder from old cans 
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How to create a cutlery holder from old cans 

written by Worx
Are you always looking for new and cheap ideas to decorate your home?   You will enjoy the DIY project of the day! Today, we help you create a cutlery holder with used cans. Feel free to customize it with the color  of your choice to make it fit with your kitchen!  

What you need:

6 cans  (make sure they are all the same size)
2  blocks of wood Enamel paint 
1 Paint brush Nails, hammer, glue for wood and  a screwdriver

In a few simple steps you will have a great brand new cutlery holder for your kitchen.  
1- Paint the cans and blocks of wood  and remember to let them dry thoroughly before moving forward.
2- Glue the 2 pieces of wood together.
3- Puncture the cans with a nail and a hammer. Make two little holes, one on the top and one on the bottom of the tin.
4- Place 3 tins on each side of the block in order to have a symmetrical structure. Mark the location of the hole in the wood with a pen or pencil 5- Drill the 6 holes in wood using a hammer and nail.
6- Place screws into the holes of a can, then screw it on the wood piece. Repeat with all the cans.
7- Complete the work with the name of a different cutlery on each can.

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