How make your own chalkboard refrigerator
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How make your own chalkboard refrigerator

written by Worx
Would you like to update your kitchen with an original twist?
We have an awesome idea for your refrigerator today. Is it old and outdated? Time for a remodel which will turn it into a huge chalkboard, a real crowd-pleaser, trust us!

All you need is:
Chalkboard paint
Sponge roller and paint pan (you usually find these in a set at the hardware store)

Get started:
Paint the first layer. The chalkboard paint, it is different than normal wall paint, you have to wait until the coat is pretty much 95% dry to put on a second coat.
Leave some parts of the fridge in the original color to give it a mod look if you like.

This would be a great place to keep memos or recipes. How great is that? Have fun!

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