Friends and enemies of our garden: insects

Friends and enemies of our garden: insects

written by Worx
We know that everything in nature is linked by complex relationships, and what is good for one species may be bad for another. This is the reason that drives us to talk about what we might consider friends and enemies in your garden: insects.

, beloved by children, fit between the "good" bugs for their important function as natural pesticides. Their bright colors discourage predators that associate them with poisonous substances.

, also called "plant lice" instead fall under the bad ones and can jeopardize the health of our garden. They are dangerous because they take away the lymph of plants. One remedy is to fight them with insects that oppose them such as beetles, Syrphid Diptera, and so on, or with certain natural substances such as nettle, red pepper and Marseilles soap.

and hoverflies are responsible for pollination. There is no fruit without pollination so they are undoubtedly of great importance for the garden.

The mole cricket, typical of very hot areas, lives beneath the ground and ruins the plant roots. The remedy can only be chemical.


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