3 Winter Lawn Care Tips

3 Winter Lawn Care Tips

written by Worx
Winter is coming and usually people think it’s time to put the lawn mower away. Anyway, there are still a few things you can do to ensure a beautiful garden once spring rolls around again. 
Follow our 3 tips:

1) Remove fallen leaves from your lawn as soon as possible. Don't wait until all the leaves have fallen from the trees, otherwise they will become wet from rain and morning dew and form an impenetrable mat that will suffocate the grass. Our blowers and vacs can help you! https://www.worx.com/de-DE/Laubsauger-und-blaser.aspx  

2) Give the lawn a last mow. Make sure your grass is as short as possible at the end of the season. That allows more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass and protects any new growth that may be more fragile near the end of the growing season. See our set of lawn movers: https://www.worx.com/de-DE/Rasenmaher.aspx

3) Fight the weeds. Like most plants, weeds are in the energy-absorbing mode during late fall and winter. They're drinking everything that comes their way  and, if allowed to grow, will damage your garden.
3 Winter Lawn Care Tips


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