We love hedges!
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We love hedges!

written by Worx
Hedges are one of the most visible elements within a garden. They consist of rows of plants, grown to perform certain specific functions. They are used as dividing lines, as protection of particular areas of a garden, as a shelter from wind or noise, for shading. The main types are:

Evergreen Hedges In case we need a hedge that shelters from the wind or noise whilst remaining thick and dense throughout the whole year.

Flower Hedges When we want our fence to give us a decorative flourish accentuated by the presence of more plants planted close together, we can choose flowering plants; in this case it’s usually best to choose essences of easy cultivation, and free from diseases

Broadleaf Hedges This type of hedges have rapid growth and provide good shade and protection from high winds. For a good maintenance of a hedge of tall trees, however, it is good to periodically cut all the plants 50-100 cm from the ground, in order to form a dense tree stump. 
We love hedges! We love hedges!

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