The hidden box on the shelf
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The hidden box on the shelf

written by Worx
Sometimes there’s storage on our shelf we would like to hide, because it looks messy or because we prefer not to show for safety reasons (jewelry box). We came with a brilliant solution today to solve such problem: a fake book box!

Here’s what you need:

hardcover books
a small wooden crate//box
hot glue gun
box cutter

Get started!
  • Disassemble the books: remove all the pages and just leave the covers.
  • Assemble your spines. Take your first spine and cut off the front and back cover (leaving a little bit of one cover so it can be folded over and glued together). First decide which books you're putting on either end and set them aside for later.
  • Repeat these steps also for with the “end books”, but leave either the front or back cover to hide the sides of the box.
  • Just fold over and glue together….and you’re done!

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