From vintage suitcase to fancy lounge sofa!
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From vintage suitcase to fancy lounge sofa!

written by Worx
We often store old suitcases we no longer use in our attics or basements. Today we will show you how to put them to good use by turning them into an original piece of furniture. What you need: Old suitcase Pin Compact circular saw or jigsaw Drill (cordless drill) or multi-function tool Stapler or hammer and nails Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver Material 2 to 3 pieces of foam in Koffermaß (5 cm thick) (depending on how thick the case is) Spray 12 wood screws (about 4 x 45 mm) Acrylic paint and brushes 4 chair legs (4 x 45 mm) Upholstery buttons How you do it: Measure the breadth and depth of the luggage. With these measurements get two 18 mm thick wood pine sawing panels at the hardware store. Draw the inner contour of the case on the wood boards and saw out the outline. Test whether the panels fit in the case, if not correct with the saw and try again. Spay one side of the panels with spray adhesive and layer foam plates over it. Make sure that they go beyond the depth of the case so that you can sit comfortably on them. Place a piece of fabric over the foam sheets, stretch it a little and fix it to the bottom of the suitcase with the staple gun or nails. Place the padded plates in the trunk and secure them with a screw. The chair legs can be painted with acrylic paint and adapted to the design of the case, fix them to the suitcase …and there you have your very stylish recycled chair. Enjoy!

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