Dress up your plain wall with a pretty tree mural!
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Dress up your plain wall with a pretty tree mural!

written by Worx
Renovations don't have to be overwelming. Sometimes all it takes to make a difference in your home decor is just a simple trick for maximum impact, detail is the key. The DIY touch we are going to show you today is a perfect example of how little effort it takes to achieve impressive results.

All you need is three basic supplies and paint: 1-inch-wide painter's tape Scissors 2-inch paintbrush White latex paint Once you've gathered all necessairy material it's time to start this project. Ready?

Step 1 Apply painter's tape in 2-inch sections vertically on the wall to create the tree trunks. Applying the tape in small sections will make your lines appear less rigid.

Step 2 Cut 1/2- to 2-inch lengths of tape and small triangles. Apply them horizontally at random intervals.

Step 3 Working inside the taped lines, brush on one light coat of white latex paint. Don't worry about getting an even coat. The uneven coverage gives the tree texture and dimension.

Step 4 Let the paint dry for 24 hours, then remove the tape . And you're done...how easy was it?

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