Build a swing in just a few easy steps!
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Build a swing in just a few easy steps!

written by Worx
The swing is a typical garden accessory that is cherished by millions of children. We are certain that it is an amusement that many of you do not want to give up yet! Discover with us how easy it is to build it. You need to get four eight feet long beams of circular cross section with a diameter of about 10cm, and a three feet long one, four long screws, four rings for ropes, some thick and white ropes (we recommend boat ropes, about 3,5 cm in diameter), 2 thick wooden planks, one 60cm x 45cm and one 35cm x 40cm, gravel, cement and paint. How to do it:
First you dig four holes about two feet deep, forming a rectangle with 1m and 2.5m long sides. Then you fasten the shorter poles (two at a time) with a 60° angle using a screw and plant the ends in the ground. Prepare the concrete. In a bucket, mix grit with water and cement until the mixture is quite sticky and dense. Pour the concrete into the holes distributing it equally on the sides. Once this is done it is necessary to balance the two inverted Vs and allow the concrete to dry for a full day. Meanwhile build the chairs. With a chainsaw cut the boards so you get four pieces (two 15cm x 45cm and two 35cm x 10cm). Place the two pieces of the first measure, spacing them 3cm, in the opposite direction and at both ends, fix with the nails the pieces of the first type, in order to build the seat. Repeat the operation with the remaining axes in order to build the second seat. Then pierce the boards that compose our chairs with four holes at the same distance so that you can slip the ropes. At this point fix the ropes and hooks and, clutching the nails fasten the ropes to the horizontal mast. Finally color the frame with the paint you chose. Have fun!
Build a swing in just a few easy steps!

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