A balanced home is a happy home!
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A balanced home is a happy home!

written by Worx
Wood: it relates to natural growth and vibrant health. Fill your house with tree branches, wooden objects or plants that will purify the air. The wood element should be in the East, Southeast, and South area of the house.

Fire: it brings high energy levels, fuels passion and stimulates creativity. Candles and fireplaces, will do the trick, of course! Place them in the South and the Southwest area.

Earth: it generates nourishment, knowledge, and stability. Collect stones and crystals and place them in the Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, West, and Center of your home.

Metal: it helps cultivate strength, focus, and independence. Silverwear is perfect! Make sure to store it in the North, West, and Northwest.

Water: it is for wealth, abundance, and fluidity. Not all peaple have fountains, but mirrors and bowls filled with water are just as good and most welcomed in the North, East, and Southeast areas.

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