Worx Landroid M WG758E


A perfectly manicured lawn all the time. Effortlessly

Landroid takes care of your lawn autonomously. Packed with a full set of features, Landroid is a robotic mower that’s extraordinarily easy to install and program. If your lawn is up to 900m² large, Landroid M is designed for you.

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Last Reviews

  • Mark S.

    “I switched to a robot mower and my lawn has never been in better shape. Landroid does it for me.”

  • Lucinda H.

    “This is not my first robotic lawn mower. Landroid is by far the best I have owned.”

  • David M.

    “Since setting mine up, I have become addicted to my automatic mower. 900sqm of lawn, always perfect...”

  • Thomas W

    “I bought it for the convenience, I was not expecting my lawn to be greener and healthier than ever before.”

  • Laura D.

    “Three of my neighbours have bought Landroid mowers after having seen mine. Should I be getting commission?”


Power and charging

Power pack
28 V Max / 2.0 Ah Li-Ion
maintenance free
no memory effect battery
Charging system
fully automatic
Typical runtime
1 hr
Typical charge time
1.5 hr approx

Cutting system

Blade type
3-pivoting blade rotary disc
Blade motor
Cutting height
20-60 mm

Overall size

Size (LxWxH)
55 x 38.5 x 26 cm
10.2 kg


Disabling system
PIN code


Blade to chassis clearance
> 102 mm
Blade stop
<2 sec
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor

Drive System

2, brushless
Drive wheels
all-terrain tread
Max slope angle
20° (35%)


Noise level
Key features
Patented mowing AIA cutting technology ensures passing through narrow paths easily
No programming needed – start mowing at a press of a button
Intuitive layered interface for easy and fast programming
Multi-Zone programming - Perfectly manage multi area lawns
Mowing to edge mode – when press Home button, it will cut along the boundary wire to the edge
Lithium-ion technology: high capacity, no self-discharge and no memory effect
Automatically returns to docking station after mowing
Automatic recharges when battery is low
3-blade cutting/mulching system
Rain sensor tells it to return back to charger station
PIN security lock
Easy battery replacement design for easy maintenance
In the box
Worx Landroid
Battery (1)
Charging base (1)
Power adaptor (1)
Base cord (15 m)
Boundary wire (180 m)
Pegs (200)
Distance gauge (2)
Spare blades (15)
Nails for charging station (4)
Hex key (1)
In the box


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