Quick guide, software upgrade Landroid S robot mower

Step by step easy easy guide to run your Landroid S firmware update

Save the file to an empty FAT32 formatted USB (flash drive). Delete any other files on the drive and check the format. If the drive is not formatted in FAT32, please reformat the drive. NOTE: keep the file name unchanged while proceeding
Place Landroid on a secure and level surface. Turn the Main Switch to the “O” position to turn off your Landroid
Lift the rear of the Landroid to access the underside
Open the protective rubber cover under the Landroid to access the USB port.
Insert the USB drive (flash drive) in the port
Place the Landroid on the ground again.
Turn the Main Switch to the “I” position to turn on the Landroid
The battery indication light will start to pulse. When the triangular indication light flashes blue, the file has been copied.
Without lifting the Landroid, remove the USB drive (flash drive)
The update will begin automatically and may take several minutes. The final alert sequence will include a beep, and both the battery indication light and triangular indication light will flash. When the triangular indication light turns off and only the green battery indication light remains lit, the update is complete.
Be sure to tightly and completely close the rubber protective USB port cover

NOTE: If the Landroid is not inside the boundary wire, the triangle light will flash RED after the update. Please refer to the manual for more information.

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