Quick guide, software update Landroid M and L robot mower

Step by step easy easy guide to run your Landrod M / L firmware update

Save the file to an empty FAT32 formatted USB (flash drive). Delete any other files on the drive and check the format. If the drive is not formatted in FAT32, please reformat the drive. NOTE: keep the file name unchanged while proceeding
Turn the robot upside down.
Remove the 4 screws that attach the battery cover to the Landroid.
Remove the battery from its housing
Insert the USB drive into the slot
Reinstall the battery into the Landroid
Turn the robot over and Press the ON/OFF key. Hold for a few seconds until the LCD lights up.”
The display will show the model number, the status of the update and the current software version.
Remove the USB drive when the LCD flashes “Remove USB to continue.” NOTE: DO NOT remove the battery before removing the USB or the Landroid will not be updated.
he Landroid will reboot automatically, and the new software version will be displayed on the screen

Turn off your Landroid and re-assemble the battery and housing

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