Landroid M named Best Buy robot mower

Landroid M scored better than mowers that cost more than three times its price and got the ‘Best Buy’ award.

Best buy
Landroid M is the Best Buy

The Ten robots on test

  • Honda Miimo HRM 310
  • Viking Mi 422 P
  • Husqvarna Automower 315
  • Gardena Sileno R100Li
  • Al-Ko Robolinho 100
  • Bosch Indego 1200 Connect
  • Sabo Mowit 500 F II
  • Stiga Autoclip 255 S
  • Worx Landroid M
robot mower comparison test
the 10 contenders

Why Landroid M is the best buy robot mower

Despite being the less expensive in the lot, Landroid M scored way better than products that are up to tree time its cost. What convinced the testers is ease of setting and programming, accuracy of mowing the border, reliability, no errors during the test sessions, clarity of instructions and leaving no wheel marks on the grass.

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