Landroid S named Best Robotic Mower by Alles Beste

Alles Beste just published what is probably the most accurate technical tests we have seen so far. Twelve robotic lawn mowers on test, one clear winner…

And the winner is…

The test starts with a bold statement: “The best robotic mower is the Worx Landroid S”

Best robotic Mower by AllesBeste.de
Test by AllesBeste.de, robot mower

The twelve robots on test

Husqvarna Automower 420, Gardena R40Li, Gardena Sileno City 500, Bosch Indego 350 Connect, Stiga Autoclip M5, Ambrogio L30 Elite, Ambrogio L60B Deluxe, Robomow RC308U, Al-Ko Robolinho 500°, Worx Landroid S0 500i and Worx Landroid S0 700i

What has been tested

Unlike most robot mowers comparison tests that are carried out in flat football fields, the twelve have been severely tested by German magazine Alles Beste in several real gardens with a variety of bottlenecks and narrow corridors, uneven terrain and slopes, trees and bushes, playground and stone structures. In other words, the ideal terrain to bring out the qualities of Landroid S.

Landroid S robot mower Test Winner
Landroid S named best robotic mower

Why Landroid S is the best robotic mower

The reasons for the clear verdict are: reliability, best quality of cut, ability to climb slopes and manage uneven terrain, best edge mowing, agility in bottlenecks and corridors, unobtrusive charging station and simple operation.


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