Simply the best

The testing institute Wisetes has put to test six different robotic lawn mowers. Only Landroid M deserved the 5-plus score.

Landroid M gets 5-plus score

The Worx Landroid M beats five contenders for the title of Best in Test robot mower

best in test
Landroid M gets 5 plus in comparative test

The six robots on test

  • Husqvarna Automower 320
  • Bosch Indego 1300
  • Indream Cadero 1500 TS
  • Stiga Autoclip 127
  • Worx Landroid M


Why Landroid M is the best

The Swedish test institute WiseGuide writes: “So to the test winner, surprisingly, is the budget variant from Worx. The most easy-to-use robot to install, program and handle with quick shutdown if something goes wrong, and aware of the limitation cable”. Specifically, testers appreciated Landroid M’s ease of setting and programming, safety features and quality of cut that, together with its affordable price, made it the clear winner.


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