The only robotic lawn mower that programs itself
Stop scratching your head

How long should your robot mower work? Too much and its wheels will ultimately harm your grass. Too little and the robot won’t mow the entire lawn.

Stop hitting keys

Programming the schedule is time-consuming hard work and, even worse, it is not a one-off deal. Your grass growth changes during the season, making the schedule inappropriate from one week to another.

Get started

Tell Landroid how big your lawn is. Don’t know? Launch the app’s Lawn Size Calculator and walk the perimeter. Have a pool, shed or flowerbeds? Remove those areas from Landroid’s working area by walking around them. It’s that easy.

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Left or right? Landroid does it right the first time, every time.

Conventional robotic mowers waste time with useless back-and-forth maneuvers when they encounter the boundary of its working area. Your lawn deserves a smarter mower. When Landroid encounters the boundary, it turns the right direction to get back inside the lawn the first time, every time.


Thanks to Worx’s unique AIA technology, Landroid gets the job done faster and more efficiently than conventional robotic lawn mowers. Spend time enjoying your lawn with family and your friends instead of waiting for your mower to finish.

Simply smarter, simply faster
It turns

What would you expect a robot mower to do when it reaches the border of your lawn? Landroid makes intelligent, efficient turns, exactly as you expect.

It wanders

Conventional robotic mowers stop at the border, reverse, stop, turn randomly, move forward, and do it all again until they get back inside the boundary. Eventually, they find the right direction. Eventually.

HEALTHIER THAN EVER BEFORE Your lawn deserves a Landroid

Your lawn makes an impression and first impressions matter. Give your lawn what it deserves for health and appearance. Don’t let other robotic mowers harm your grass with repetitive roaming and damaging maneuvers.

The gentle robot

Adopting a robotic lawn mower instead of an old-school push mower significantly improves the look and health of your lawn. Scientific studies show that frequent mowing boosts the density of grass blades and reduces the need for nutrition. But not all robotic mowers care for your lawn equally. Your lawn deserves the careful attention of a Landroid.

EVEN COVERAGE OF YOUR LAWN Landroid doesn’t need a lifeline

Conventional robotic lawn mowers cannot handle narrow passages without a guide wire. Landroid doesn’t need a lifeline. It navigates the most intricate passages with ease. Even better, it mows the passages rather than just passing through them.

Customize your Landroid

At great demand of the big engaged Landroid community, the Tattoo program provides the highest degree of customization in the industry.

Landroid moves “the cutting edge”

Robotic mowers may be the cutting edge of technology, but they’ve never really dealt with your lawn’s edge. Until now. Landroid S has moved the cutting edge – and its offset blade - to master what most other mowers simply can’t reach.

Sleek and unobtrusive pit stops

Once out of juice, robotic mowers find their way to the charging station to refill batteries. The new Landroid S does it with style: its charging station discreetly emerges from the grass.

Setting the industry agenda.

Since its launch in 2011, Landroid has revolutionized the industry with the most innovative features and technologies.

Introduction of AIA
(Artificial Intelligence Algorithm)

Dramatically improves mowing efficiency and allows agile navigation of narrow passages without guiding wire. A patented technology unique to Landroid.

First Plug-n-Play robot mower

Once unboxed, pre-programmed Landroid is ready to go. Or, for a customized experience, users can change presets according to their needs.

First robot mower updatable by end users

Owners can update their Landroid’s firmware with a USB stick. New updates are announced by e-mail and available at no charge for all owners. Competitors’ mowers need to be driven to the dealer for updates. For a fee...

First Wi-Fi connected
robotic mower

Users can program and manage their Landroid from anywhere via smartphone app.

First with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance

Obstacles are avoided rather than hit.

First robotic mower
to become an IoT device

Firmware updates are managed over-the-air.

First open source
robot mower

Expert users can integrate Landroid to their home automation systems.

First robotic mower to program itself

Not only does Landroid know how long to mow your lawn according to its size, it continuously adapts its mowing program to the actual grass growth rate.


Discover which model fits your individual need. Select the size of your lawn and choose your preferred Landroid experience: super simple or fully customizable.

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