We all dream of having our own back yard soccer field!
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We all dream of having our own back yard soccer field!

written by Worx
How many of us have cultivated from an early age, the passion for soccer and wanted to own a small soccer field in the garden? Dreams can come true! Let's see, how to build a nice soccer field with natural grass in the garden. Let's start by saying that, a soccer field with natural grass, takes a fair maintenance: watering, mowing, replacement of sod whenever the turf suffers damage due to the game and so on; it also requires a basic installation with soil preparation, proper drainage, and irrigation system.

The leveling of the ground that its preparation are important. To limit the field itself and the exit of the ball from the field, you can adopt different systems: a containment net positioned around the field, a hedge of evergreen trees around the perimeter of the field, leaving a corridor of separation of at least two meters, and even more. Finally, consider the exposure of the playing field.

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