The pumpkin project
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The pumpkin project

written by Worx
Ready for a spooktacular Halloween? Make sure to be prapared this year with some estraordinary, easy to make DIY pumpkin carving projects! Here are some great tips:

1. choose the right pumpkin, the size is important, we like them big and ugly so that they look interesting.

2. Decapitate your pumpkin. It's the toughest thing to do, since the top of the pumpkin is very woody. You need a strong blade. Cut the plug to be a cone shape with a little jog in it so that it comes out easily and fits back easily too.

3. Scrape off the goop with an ice cream scoop.

4. Draw a face, or any pattern you like.

5. Use cookie cutters for carving or your power tools if you feel lazy: jigsaw to remove chunks (like eyes and the mouth) and then a rotary tool to carve away the skin.
6. Preserve your pumpkin. Spray it with bathroom cleaner with bleach. This keeps the bugs, mold, and animals away.
The pumpkin project

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