The only robotic lawn mower that programs itself
Landroid is aware

It knows how long it takes to manicure your lawn.

Landroid learns

Tell Landroid how large your lawn is, it learns the rest on its own.

The best robotic mower?

Don’t take our words for it. This is what several comparative tests have stated. And this is what hundreds of thousand satisfied home owners think of their Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower.

Try the new Lawn Size Calculator

Don’t know how large your lawn is? Download the free app and measure its net area accurately, in minutes.

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The first with intelligent navigation

Unlike most robotic mowers that are blind, Landroid knows where to go. This is why it takes it a much shorter time to mow your lawn.

Since 2011, tens of thousands Landroid have been working quietly and relentlessly, traveling a total of

178,000,000 kilometers
Complex garden? No problem

Landroid always finds its way through narrow passages. As a result, it provides a homogeneous mowing of even the most complex garden.

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Less passages turn into healthier grass

Landroid spends less time in finishing its job, without roaming around. Your turf grass does not get worn by unnecessary passages.

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Landroid does not stop
far away from the border

Landroid S is the only robot mower in its class that mows
as close as possible to the edge.

Customize your Landroid

At great demand of the big engaged Landroid community, the Tattoo program provides the highest degree of customization in the industry.

Setting the industry agenda.

Since its launch in 2011, Landroid has revolutionized the industry with the most innovative features.


Discover which model fits your individual needs. Just select the size of your lawn and chose how you’d like it better: super-simple or fully customizable operation.

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