For Landroid M & L
For Landroid S

Why update your software?

Maximize laziness by letting your Landroid do all the work

We’re committed to constant improvement so you don’t have to wait for the next model to take advantage of the latest Landroid technology. Whether it’s brand new or a tried and true partner in your lawn, you deserve the best Landroid experience. For your M or L model Landroid, we’ve made minor fixes to improve functionality and efficiency. Are you updated? What are you waiting for?

I have a brand new Landroid S. Why does it need an update already?

Innovation doesn’t stop at unboxing and sometimes it just can’t wait.

Innovation doesn’t stop at unboxing and sometimes it just can’t wait. The ultimate remote control experience makes owning a Landroid even better, and we’ve developed new ways of putting that control in your hands. In order to get the best possible experience right away, we implemented changes to the app that require an update in your Landroid software. Your Landroid will still work out of the box, but to unlock the full potential to customize your Landroid’s work schedule to the needs of your lawn, updating your software is critical. It only takes a few minutes, a computer and a flash drive to take the work out of yard work. Update your Landroid to manage your lawn care needs from anywhere at any time with the new Landroid S app.

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