The new Landroid S
mows the border

Forget trimming the sides of your lawn manually

Unlike most robotic mowers that leave strips of uncut grass all around the perimeter of your lawn, the new Landroid S mows to the edge.

Virtually invisible
charging station*

Kick the clutter

With most robotic mowers, the messiest part of an otherwise manicured lawn is the charging station: a plastic plate surrounded by uncut grass. Virtually invisible, the parking lot of the new Landroid S is sleek and stylish.

* Landroid S exclusive feature

All robots are stupid

But Worx Landroid is less stupid than the others

The robotic lawn mower that can mow narrow, intricate areas of your lawn

Unlike other automatic mowers that are blind, Landroid is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to make decisions. It is able to navigate and mow narrow passages where other robots would only pass through (Provided the wire guide has been laid down). Landroid adapts to your garden rather than requiring you to adapt your garden to the robot.

The smartest, now even smarter

Take the work out of yardwork

Spend your weekends enjoying your lawn instead of maintaining it. Program your Landroid to work around your schedule with our convenient app.

Uphill and downhill

A robot mower that loves trekking at altitude

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Landroid feels at home on
uneven landscapes

If climbing is a matter of power, mowing slopes is a
different business. The sophisticated electronics on board the Landroid allows the robotic mower to calculate drift, inclination and other parameters in order to ensure an even mowing of even the most uneven landscapes.

Totally autonomous

Robots should not depend on humans

Programmable timer
for weekly mow schedule

Thanks to its intuitive, user friendly interface, Landroid can be programmed to work when you want it to.

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Automatically returns
to charge station

When it feels low in energy, the robotic mower
goes back to its station autonomously
for recharging.

Rain sensor

Over many years of pushing your mower you have
learnt to avoid mowing wet grass. Landroid stops operating when it is raining, and will re-start only when the grass is no longer wet.

Shock sensor system

No need to move your lawn furniture or change your landscaping features: the robot senses obstacles and avoids them.

Unlike most high tech stuff, Landroids are not destined for obsolescence

Day after day, our R&D guys relentlessly try to improve the way Landroid makes your life easier. One of our favorite ideas is making sure you don’t need to wait the next model launch to take advantage of upcoming features. New firmware and software updates and upgrades are made available to you for download and easy, do-it-yourself installation. The latest Landroid technology at your fingertips, all without having to drive to a dealer.

Intuitive user interface

Those who have tried at least once in their life
to program a VCR have an idea of how complex most robotic mowers’ interfaces are. Landroid’s interface is designed
to make your life easy.

Landroid is pre-programmed,
so you don’t have to

Landroid is ready to take care of your lawn straight
out of its box, no programming is required. If you ever
want to customise its programming to your needs, that comes in one easy step.

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Perfectly manage
multi-area lawns

A Landroid for Every Yard

Every lawn is unique, and each part may have different needs.
Landroid gets it. Work less and enjoy more by programming your Landroid to do the thinking for you.

Security PIN

Landroid M and L models are protected by a PIN code. This PIN code prevents unauthorised people from being able to use it. Once it’s taken outside its territory, it will not be possible to re-start it by anyone who does not know the password.

Easy tool-less cut height adjustment

Grass length is a matter of personal taste.
Adjusting Landroid’s cutting height to your favorite length is as easy as rotating a dial.

Zero emission

Did you know that according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the emission of a single push lawn mower equals that of 11 cars? Landroid runs on battery and is zero emission.

Low noise

Landroid is extremely quiet. So quiet that you can have it operating during the night. So that you can enjoy your lawn
all day long.


Thanks to frequent cuts, the grass clippings are so short you will never need to rake the clippings up.


The blade is located in the middle of the machine, far from its outer edge. A safety sensor will stop the blade immediately should the Landroid ever be lifted off the ground while in operation.


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