Turn your old dresser into a new stunner!
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Turn your old dresser into a new stunner!

written by Worx
Do you feel like that old dresser you found at the fleemarket needs a little extra something and a fresh new paintjob simply won't do? Well, you landed on a lucky Blog! We found some super inspiring and amazing transformations that will make your jaws drop. 

-If you're skilled with a paintbrush why not paint a lovely landscape to give it a delicate dreamy feel?

-Dress up the handles with interesting stones

-Grab some left over paint cans and paint each drawer with a slightly different shade to give the pice of furniture an "ombre" effect.

-Accessorize it! Jewellery can make even furniture stand out. How about a necklace as a unique drawer pull?

-Try painting the sides of the drawers with contrasing colors for bold yet subtle effect

Have fun being creative!

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