Make your drinks more fun with these DIY Comic Book Coasters
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Make your drinks more fun with these DIY Comic Book Coasters

written by Worx
Do you happen to be a comic book fan? If you do or if you have geeky friends you will definitively find this week's DIY project appealing. Cocktail hour is supposed to be fun, with these coasters it will also be a hit for sure! Have fun with us and create something truly original which your nerdy friends will like.

What you need:
Quick drying glue or water-based sealer
Electrical outlet covers
Spray paint
Paint brush
Comic books (or print outs)

How you do it:
Take the coasters and after a light sanding with sandpaper (just to rough up the surface and give the paint something to stick to) use some White spray paint and allow it to dry thoroughly.
Cut out the comic book parts you want to use for this project into circles (same size as the coasters you have spray painted) and dampen the images before attaching them as it reduces the bubbles and wrinkles.
When you pull the image out of the bath, run your fingers along either side of it to remove any excess water. After that, lay it on the surface and gently smooth it out, pushing out any air that gets trapped and allow it to dry. After about 20 minutes, top coat the coasters with a layer of glue and allow it to dry, then sand it with the sandpaper and give it another coat.
Glue the gaskets that come with the blank coasters onto the backside using the industrial strength craft adhesive. You could also use cork or felt if you’d prefer.
.And you're done! 

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