5 items you can surely live without in your home
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5 items you can surely live without in your home

written by Worx
Sometimes less really is more. While there are some accessories that are essential to a room decor there are others that make it look outdated and cluttered.
Make your home function better this spring, get rid of these common unnecesairy accessories!

1) Fake flowers:
If you own artificial flower arrangements you'll have one more thing to dust. Every room needs something living, get a real plant, a small vase of fresh flowers, or simply a bowl of fruit on the table instead!

2) Way too many knicknacks:
You don't want to live in clutter and mess, right? Resist the urge to cover every surface of your home with accessories. Don't dsplay all of your collections, choose just a few pieces. Your home will look cleaner and tidier.

3) Toilet seat covers
Did you know that besides being totally unnecessairy theses items are breeding grounds for germs and are just something extra to wash?

4) Too many picture frames
Family pictures are important, they make a home cozy and personal. However lots of mismatched pictures are distracting. Select your favorite ones, put them in nice new frames and ceate a nice gallery where you can display them.

5) Old curtains
Some rooms don't even need curtains! If you're lucky enough to have beautiful windows, why cover them with layers of outdated fabric? Take a look at your curtains, are the faded by the sunlight or too short for the window? This might be the right time do get rid of them, once and for all.

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