Where can I download the Landroid S app?

Urgent update
for your Landroid

Recently, some Landroid owners have experienced a WiFi connectivity issue preventing them from connecting to home networks. Despite using a world-class provider, this problem is related to our IoT cloud server provider. 

While our provider fixes the issue, we have released a firmware upgrade optimizing communication traffic flow. We have tested it and it resolves the issue 100%. Please download and install this update and your Landroid will be able to connect again.

There’s a new kid
in town

The New Landroid S.
Re-designed from scratch.

  • No manual trimming: Landroid S mows the edge so you don't have to
  • Virtually invisible charging station
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Update your
Landroid S


Re-engineered for
maximum laziness

Plug & Play

Worx landroid is pre-programmed
so you don't have to

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The ultimate robotic mower

  • Mows narrow, intricate areas
  • Manages slopes with ease
  • Fully automated mowing system
  • Automatically returns to charge station
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Pre-programmed for easy use
  • Fully customizable programs
  • Rain sensor
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The smartest, now even smarter

Take the work out of yardwork

Spend your weekends enjoying your lawn instead of maintaining it. Program your Landroid to work around your schedule with our convenient app.

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Where can I download the Landroid S app?


  • “I switched to a robot mower and my lawn has never been in better shape. Landroid does it for me.”

    Mark S.
  • “This is not my first robotic lawn mower. Landroid is by far the best I have owned.”

    Lucinda H.
  • “Since setting mine up, I have become addicted to my automatic mower. 900sqm of lawn, always perfect...”

    David M.
  • “I bought it for the convenience, I was not expecting my lawn to be greener and healthier than ever before.”

    Thomas W
  • “Three of my neighbours have bought Landroid mowers after having seen mine. Should I be getting commission?”

    Laura D.
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Landroid is able to mow narrow, intricate areas of your lawn


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